Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be globally recognised as the leading provider of drilling services for unconventional gas. Our mission is to ensure our clients extract unconventional gas in the most cost-efficient and environmentally sound manner, while operating to the highest standards.

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Drilling Technology

Greka Drilling serves the unconventional gas industry through the life cycle of formation evaluation, drilling and well completion. Our technology and equipment enable us to drill with high accuracy, maximum efficiency and least non-productive standby time.

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Integrated Services


Greka Drilling can offer a broad range of integrated services. We provide a single cost-effective solution for multiple well services combined with best quality management systems.

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Unlock Your Capabilities

Greka Drilling is one of the fastest growing unconventional gas drilling companies providing multiple opportunities for you to explore your potential. Working in a dynamic environment with skilled technical staff will help you attain rewarding, across-the-board job satisfaction.

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