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Rig Specification

Our fleet of Drillmec GD75 rigs is tailor-made for CSG/CBM wells. We have homogeneous modular equipment with standardised operating, HSE and maintenance procedures across the fleet and we are ISO 9001 certified. Our rigs deliver high mobility ensuring low rig-up and low rig-down times.

GD75 Rig Specifications

Work Conditions Ambient temperatures from -25°C to +55°C
Rig Type Hydraulic Jack up
Hook Load 75 tonnes (163,000 Lbs.)
Rated Depth 2000 m (6561.68 ft.)
Drilling floor height from ground level 8.9 ft. (2.7 m)
Rotary Opening 43 1⁄4” Free Passage
Max. Wind Speed 72 Km/h (40 Ktns)
Max. Power 402.6 KW (540 HP)
  • Max. pull
  • 165.200 lbs. (75 tonnes)
  • Max. pull down
  • 44 lbs. (20 tonnes)
  • Mast clear height from ground level
  • 70.5 ft. (21.5 m)
  • Drill pipe handling
  • Range 2
  • Distance between mast and well centre
  • 23" 5/8 (600 mm)
Top Drive
  • Lifting capacity
  • I.D. full opening
  • Variable speed
  • Stroke
  • Top drive torque (100% efficiency)
Dog House Jack Up
Drilling Rig Hydraulic drilling rig GD75 installed on Skid Mounted Jack Up
Rig Truck Rig mounts on custom built ASTRA IVECO "8 x 6" truck by special designed locking mechanism to transport through difficult mountainous terrain