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LWD - Logging While Drilling

In order to maximise the exposure in a target formation, Greka Drilling utilises Logging While Drilling (LWD) technology to achieve high quality results in the area of wellbore placement and trajectory control. With the geophysical properties of a formation transmitted in real time to the engineers and operators on the rig, they are able to map and adjust a wellbore’s trajectory to maximise exposure to a target formation and avoid any subsurface anomalies.


  • LWD Tools - Generates real time downhole data along with MWD parameters. Both the inputs will assist and improve the accuracy of wellbore placement in Directional and Horizontal well sections
  • Gamma - Focused gamma ray modules have a 0-120 degree sensor window enabling directional parameters to the gamma measurement
  • Annular Pressure - The module provides Annular Pressure measurements for over-balanced/under-balanced control and real time downhole vibrations